Thursday, March 21, 2013

Really Random Thursday

Really Random Thurs!

1.) My computer crashed, AGAIN! This time my wonderful DH took me to "Big Box Electronics Store" and got me a really good one! Geez, I am rough on computers- but this one seems like it will be fine- as long as I keep the Coffee away from it.

2.) My DH is the best Husband ever! (If I hadn't mentioned that already.)

3.) Please go visit Sweet Pam and see the Living Water Quilt! There is not much time left to enter the drawing for the quilt and you know, you want it! I do!

4.) My Sweet A's quilt is almost finished.

5.) My UFO to be finished for the month is WAY behind. I have been talking about finishing this one since I started it in Nov of 2011~ But, I am moving it up- as soon as I get A's top sent off to the LAQ. I am sad knowing that I may not finish it UFO Quilt for the month- But I do have a couple of UFO projects that I have finished!

6.) It is very scary when you check your bank account and see "$-1181.10"-- I was hacked! Thankfully, the bank is fixing it. And, I am not having to jump through too many hoops to get it done. But, it is scary. And, I am not sure how it happened. I am careful with how I use my card- but it sure dampens my urge to buy from new fabrics stores online.

7.) The DH & I started and finished working on our 2 front flower beds and they are gorgeous. I am so proud of them. They are a little bare looking now, but as the plants mature it will be perfect!

8.) School is HARD. I guess I was under the impression that Grad school would be more relaxed, WRONG. It is more relaxed in some ways- but as far as the workload, it is killer.

9.) I visited a new to me quilt shop on Saturday (prior to my bank being hacked)- Texas Quiltworks in Brian/College Station- They may be one of my new Favs! Seriously! And, they gave me empty bolts!!! So, now I can make more mini-bolts! I can't wait to get all my sewing room in order!

10.) I got mail!!! Love mail!!! Julie at the Intrepid Thread always sends a couple of charm squares with each order- I got a charm of Nottinghill and had to order the whole darn set!

I am linking up over at Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thurs!
Sew, till next time!


  1. That's rough about your bank account being hacked, hope it doesn't take too long to get sorted out!

    Julie at Intrepid Thread is a sweetie, isn't she :)

  2. Your pinwheels are gorgeous!
    And I am also a huge fan of Notting Hill - enjoy!

  3. Ugh--so sorry about the bank account. The fabric from Julie is very cool and your pinwheels are super cute!