Monday, January 24, 2011

WWWayward Pioneer-Type Nurse.

And, then, there was, Fred and Patsy.
On January 6th we brought to Rusty Nail Farm our 2 llamas.
We were the recipient's of a set of Llama as a wedding gift. (A set, because, if you didn't know: llamas are pack animals-there HAS to be, at least, two for them to survive and live normal llama lives.) 
I know. So, So strange. But, Oh So Cute!  Below is a picture of Fred & Patsy- Right after we unloaded them at The Rusty Nail. It is beautiful to me! It looks just like a painting! (of Damn Llamas!)

You see, The Man and myself finally got around to getting hitched in October; on the 14th, to be exact.
(more exact: at about 435 in the afternoon.)
(even more exact: right after I about killed myself tripping over the "step" in the mini-jury box in po-dunk-villes makeshift courthouse waiting on a bluejean-n'-T-shirt-wearing JP that had really sweet words to say, even if he was a bluejean-n'-T-shirt-wearing JP.)
Our friends and family were a little upset (to say the least) that we didn't announce to the world we were gettin' hitched, but that was just the point- We didnt want anyone's feelin's getting hurt or anyone feeling bad, cause they couldn't be there.
And, we're plannin' a big ol' huge reception, with lots of grub and a keg and a specialty bar, as soon as we get moved into our new house. (Which, just in case you were wonderin'- I am still looking for, but plan to have found by March.)

So, our life plan is simple- We both finish school- I am working feverishly on my part!
We stay and work where we are now until we save the $$ to build at The Rusty Nail- and we move to The Rusty Nail.
But- After this last weekend- after breaking 2 nails- and wanting to cry a couple of times (mainly because the damn llamas won't eat out of my hand!)- and feeling the pride in a job-well-done, and seeing the pride on My Honey's face- I am ready to move out to The Rusty Nail TODAY!

We built a Llama Mansion.
It's not exactly square, but its wonderful! And, we built it! And, Yes!- I did help! I even drove the tractor and the BULL DOZER! And, I screwed on ALL of the tin, All BY MYSELF! (ok, ok- So, My Honey did some of the screws on the roof.)

Llama Mansion- Half Done.

The Man, Finishing the Roof- Me and Ladders don't get along too well!

Final Nail on the Llama Mansion! Food Bowls included!

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