Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WiP Wed & Really Random Thur, together.

This week- on the home front is very cool.
My DH will have been gone for 17 days! Eeek! I am ready to have him back- like nobody's business.
Today is my one day off this week, until the weekend. I plan on relaxin' this weekend- it's been Hell week exemplified. I could go into the details, but lets just say: it hasn't been nice. My bosses, yep- 2 of them, are both in an uproar. My partner at work forgot to renew her license with the BON, so she is suspended until its renewed. I have been by myself and dealing with a whole mess of orders and very sick patients. Boo.
But my DH is coming home!
I am working diligently on schoolwork/cleaning house/sewing- all day today. And, probably half the night too. I haven't been sleeping very well the last week (couple of hour sets each night) and I finally slept mostly through the night last night. Amen.
My projects today are fairly easy. I have most of what I wanted to accomplish on one of them finished. 2 more blocks and I can set them aside. The blocks are the DH's airplane quilt, the applique pieces. I am using various cotton shirts for the planes and a Bella Darks Solid layercake for the background. I plan to make other blocks with the shirts and solids in more traditional block patterns to go between. This is what I have so far:

 From a box of shirt-sleeves from Jo to a nice pile of ready fabric.
 A sporty plane on brown. I love the way plaids look for this!
 A striped Bi-wing!
 Very special UT sport plane!
And, below: a whole fleet of planes- almost. See the 2 I haven't done yet? Now, I haven't actually appliqued them down- just fused them. And another part of that will be deciding if I should stabilize them or not beforehand. I think I will have to stabilize the bi-wings for sure.
I am also working on Kayli's baby quilt today. I have all the big blocks sewn and I need to re-cut them and get the finished blocks together. That is my goal on this project for today.

One last project for me to get done is my sweet friend Tinsy's quilt. I have been working on this forever and I am afraid she is going to run off to China soon- I want her to be able to take it with her. I was supposed to trade her this quilt for her piano- but after going over it with the DH- there was no way we could get it out of her house and into ours with the man-power we had. But, I still want her to have the quilt!
 This is a single block ah-la-Bonnie's Perkimon Daydreams block strip sets. I can't get the courage to do 10,000 pieces yet!
 On my queeen size guest bed.
The random part of this post is my Sugar Block Club finished block for January. I somehow lost the picture in my last post about it and wanted to share it!
It is such a rainy-dreary day here, but we need the rain. Perfect sewing weather- but makes me tired working on school stuff. If it keeps it up through the day to evening it may very well help me sleep tonight- so I hope it keeps right on!
Sew, till next time!
Thanks for stopping in!

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