Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WOW: Wip Wed & Really Random Thursday Bundle!


Really. It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here. School and work have taken a toll on my blogging capabilities.

Today is test day for me- my first Patho test of the semester. We are covering a LOT of material (not the good kind, either) for this test. An 89 page bound-spiral published notebook & about 20 chapters from the text- along with about 20 hours of lecture. Grad School- SUCKS.
The other day I was so disgusted with a couple of concepts I enlisted a little help:

I just wanted to stop in a minute with a couple of updates on some projects that I have been working on- although I don't have much time- I have been trying to sew or do something sewing related at least a little each day.

I am trying my best to organize my stash and sewing room. Hopefully, I will have it done and new stash storage ordered by the summer: Ikea, here I come! When I finally order the new duds, I am boxing everything up to paint! Woo Hoo!
In the spirit of trying to organize and get ready I did a small De-stash along with Fingertip shopping. I just made a post and joined the fun. There is still stuff left! So, if any of you are interested: De-Stash.

We did have a new arrival on the farm: itty-bitty-baby Llama came into the world! I haven't named her yet. I just can't decide! She is SO stinking cute and so brave! Her and Scooter played llama/dog tag all morning the other morning and it was hilarious!

Everyone knows that Mardi Gras has come and gone- but we did manage to make it to a small party to celebrate! And, I managed to make quite a haul in my attempt to score beads: Not sure if that is such a good thing- but we had a blast!

And, for the WiP section: I guess I have been kinda bitten by the Scrappy Trips bug that everyone is raving about. I did a few of these blocks last year (when I originally found Bonnie's pattern) but I wasn't too thrilled with the way the colors were looking. So, I started again. This time I am using a FQ bundle from Pink Castle called "for the boys." It is a Maureen Cracknell bundle and it is great. I am adding a little to it- for a little more variety but not much. I can easily churn out one of these blocks in 20ish minutes and that works for me. Especially with my goal to do a little each day.

I am sure someone is gonna ask: Yep, that is a turtle butt on my sewing room wall! I also have plenty of big white circle painted on there too. When we moved in- I picked this room because it had the most light and it also had the odd painting. But, since I immediately moved my sewing stuff in and got set-up, I didnt repaint first: I needed to SEW! So, now you all can see why one of my goals is to get organized and get stuff painted. It is just so hard to give up "my" space!
Now it is time to get off here and hit the:

Wish me luck on my test!
Thanks for stopping by!
Sew, till next time!


  1. Your baby lams is adorable! And your trip-a-long blocks look lovely - great colours :)

  2. I'm in love with that little llama. Thanks for taking the time to link and good luck on your test !!

  3. Love the little llama! I joke with my husband that if we ever get a llama (fat chance), I'm going to name her Dolly. Dolly Llama. He said if we'd get a boy, he'd name it Rama. Rama Llama (ding-dong)...okay, I'll stop now. We have weird conversations, lol.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just had to come say hello.

    Hope your test went well. The little llama is darling. "Lucy" came to mind when I looked at her. Have you named her yet?

    I love those many trip around the world blocks! I have that on the short list of my to-dos.