Friday, August 9, 2013

August is HERE!?

Wow. Really. It was early (EARLY!) May since the last time I had a moment to update all of you! I really feel like a very rotten blogger! (and reader, for that matter!)
My free time has been so preciously spent on my family, and only them, but they really are what matter most, right? Ok, I think I am almost over my self-imposed guilt-trip, now ya'll will just have to excuse me while I wallow in self-pity for a moment over having NO spare time. (alrighty, glad to have gotten that out of the way!)

Starting today, until the 22nd, IT IS SUMMER! Exactly 14 days before classes start again for the Fall! Woo Hoo!

I really wanted everyone to know that I am, actually, still alive and that I have been very busy, so busy in fact, that I haven't even looked at that stupid bloglover app (I was forced over too!) and have really missed so much (I feel like) since it deletes posts all on its own!

But, back to being busy! I have actually gotten some sewing done (priorities, right?)
And I plan to do some more today so quite possibly their will be another blog post in the near future!So, on with the show!

3 lovelies for a friend, a baby and a great-cousin!

Neutrals with pops of turquoise! Crushed velveteen back!

Yep, it has a chenille backing! (so much work, so stinkin' cute!)

 Pezzy at play!
These 3 lovelies didn't last 5 minutes at work! SOLD!
I really wanted them for myself! LOL.
 I finished this wonky log cabin, but its not quilted yet!
I finished this super sweet quilt for another baby (Its my "for the boys" blogger bundle)
This romper was for a super sweet grandbaby of mine! It was for her 2 year pictures!

And then, last week, this precious sweetheart turned 2! (boo hoo! too fast!)
(Yep, her shirt says: "I ain't no yuppie girl, Jack!")

Now I am going to sew~
Sew, till next time!


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