Thursday, May 2, 2013

Really Thursday (was supposed to be WiP Wed!) and other News!

What a nice little whirlwind couple of weeks this has been!
My sweet DH has been gone and that sucks but he did come home yesterday!!
But, I did quit job #1! and my time was up Yesterday!!! Amen!
In the last couple of weeks, I have really had to suck it up and focus my attention on school- thankfully so, that I actually did it, because that meant I got to go spend the day with QuiltnMama.
Especially when the need arose! She also gifted me with the coolest patchwork pincushion and bag of goodies too! And, FED me! Soup!!! My most favorite meal, EVER! Steph- you are the best!

Then on last Friday, I got to spend some time with another set of buds from work. We went bargain shopping at the local barn sale. It happens only 4 times a year and it is always fun to see what they have- usually I can find at least 1 thing to bring home. This time I scored bit, in my mind anyway.
I ended up with a butcher block topped table and a super-duper cool pincushion! (but, its just for looks, so it really doesn't count, ya know?)

What is really neat about it, is on further inspection: it is made out of a can! yep, a good ole tincan. That is the patchwork pincushion I was gifted- they work perfect together!

So, on the sewing front the last couple of weeks I really haven't been up to too much- I help bind all the quilts for West, but at home not much has been accomplished.

And, I have been dabbling in making a romper for my sweet Grandbaby, A! I got to eat dinner with them the other night and it was definitely a treat! She is gonna be a lefty- just like her PawPaw. Makes my heart smile!


I did manage to make all the units for a friends new baby quilt. Half-Square triangle, chevrons. Too cute. The colors are not very baby-ish to me, but those are the colors she chose, so, to each its own.
You can also see my Sugar Block Club blocks up on the design wall- I am waiting with baited breath for next month's block, I love the way these are turning out.
 The simple charm patchwork number- that is for ME! Yep, a quilt all for myself. Eventually. It is very slow going. Made with voiles! I have had to starch the mess out of the fabrics prior to cutting and then after each section. They are so so slippery! But they are gonna feel so heavenly, backed with flannel, and snuggled up to, on the couch! Can't wait.
Now, I wanna say: I hate Google right now. I miss my beloved Reader so much. I made the switch to Bloglovin, but I hate it. It is not conducive to linking and clicking onto posts. It is such a hassle. It keeps that stupid bar at the top all the time. I am looking for something better- any suggestions??
I am also considering doing a post for Giveaway Day, but I am not sure exactly how it works!
I am linking up over at Live a Colorful Life!
Sew, till next time!



  1. I'm using Feedly. I think you might like it better that Blogovin. I can see the original blog in it by hitting "preview" and I can link easily and even see the blogs I want to comment on easily. The problem might come when Reader goes away totally. Right now they are getting their feed from Reader which makes doing the transition easy, but I might pay for it later.

  2. I am also using Freely, and like it pretty well. Not as well as the Google, but not bad. It was extremely easy to switch over from Google.

    Congratulations on your retirement! You will enjoy your extra time. I've been retired (6th grade) for 2 1/2 years now.

  3. Whoa you have a lot going on! I am loving that red and turquoise chevron quilt - lucky baby!

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