Monday, November 5, 2012

Listy Monday

I am working hard and heavy on this list- so much so that I dont have time to make a whole new post for WIP Wed. So, here is my Make a list Monday post- converted.
And, can i just say: Blah. I should have slept through the elections. I am just going to continue to pray that our "leaders" will see the light and turn to the One, True, God. Only then will America be saved.
On a brighter note: it passed (finally) that we will be able to buy beer/wine in our city!!! Now I dont have to drive to "the line" to get that much needed bottle of wine!Yeah!

It's really that time of year when I need to hold myself more accountable if I want to finish up gifts for everyone and spend some time for myself too (on the quilty things I wanna work on!)
I have done surprisingly well this week, but I am still not  where I need to be and I know it.

I decided to try the "Make-a-list-Monday."

First up:
I need to finish making the sailboat blocks for Dad's quilt. My goal is to get at least the blocks cut in and situated that are the actual sailboats.

The right picture is one corner that needs to be finished. The left picture is the one corner I have completed.
Finish the blocks for Momma's Sunshine and get the top together sans borders.
I have actually been working on the string blocks that I lack but I am still at odds over what to do with borders.
I have it all laid out and ready to be put together. I just have a couple of the blue string triangles that need corner bits. I should have those finished this afternoon and then I will start assembly!

I am second guessing the airplane quilt as it is now (just a few blocks done, maybe 5.) I started with a charm pack base and I think that the blocks need to be bigger as a base. I am getting a lot of ripples as I applique those buggers down and it is causing uneven blocks- I need to be able to put them on the block and trim to a uniform size. I may make a top from an easy-peazy pattern and then applique the planes onto the quilt top after it is completed.
I know, this really shouldn't be added to the list. Unless, of course, thinking can actually be added to the list ;)
I need to make more cathedral window squares to finish my "Follow the yellow brick road" quilt for Amy. She really needs it. And, I really need to make it for her!
Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to finish the outside edge? or is it just left as is?

I am hoping to get some more squares folded up and ready to put windows into in the morning. My biggest issue with that is cutting and making sure they are square as I am folding. I really dont want to screw this one up. Even a little bit.
There are my goals for this week. Up until Saturday. Lets see if a little accountability will help.
I also wanted to share my Fall wreath that I finished up and hung. I love it! And, because I am always Thankful for the company that this little guy is for me I thought I would share a picture of Scooter-Tooter. He & I are one in the same- we both love the "Bootie Warmer" car seats!

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Have a great day, Ya'll!

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