Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

This is the one when I finish the top of Momma's Sunshine. But, all progress stopped when she came to spend the night! Eeek.
I haven't worked on Dad's sailboats quilt any- I know, bad! But, it has been too easy to put it off to work on other things!
On another note, I ordered a Layer Cake (or 3) the other day and my order came in WRONG. So, the DH's Airplanes is on hold again too! I really am upset about that, because he finally comes home today! He will be here for 2 weeks! YEAH!
On to the pictures!

 I am not sure if you can see it but there are about 900 (rough estimate) pins in the center seam of this puppy. I am so glad this top is together. That was the final seam when I was piecing the sections together.
 And, then, TA DA! Momma's Sunshine. Sans borders.

Down here you can see I was playing around with using my extra units as borders. I am still doing that but with a solid inner border first. (Forgot to snap a pic of that!)
Those units are leftovers from what should have been more center. But, I just knew if I kept going I would never get it done. I am going to add enough in borders though to make it a nice useable lap quilt for Mom.

Fishy eating Fishy!

Maybe you can see the little pup with a bone?

Next up in My WIP world: Getting my fabrics together for the next Bonnie Mystery over at Quiltville.

The constant? Instead of Winter Flannel Gray.

Greens of all colors, instead of Limey Apple Greens?

Deep Chocolates, Instead of Purples?
Dark and Bright blues instead of Cool Aqua & Turquoise.

 The Farm, Football and Camping gear I am using for a back. Somehow I ended up with rather large cuts of these horrible fabrics. But, I plan to put them to good use!
I forget to get a snap of my Black on Whites. But, I have them- just probably not enough. Woo Hoo! That means I get to shop!

Ya'll have a good week!

I am linking up with Lee over at freshlypieced.

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  1. Just found your blog. I love the quilt. It is nice to see it in different colours. I too am eargerly awaiting Bonnies new mystery. I could not decide on colours but will decide today. Determined to use my stash rather than go and buy new. Jan x