Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Thursday

It's kinda been a productive but lazy week around here.
I went to work on Monday and on Tuesday, but on that evening I started feeling pretty rotten.
The next morning, when I started having chills and backish-side pain along with this:
Yep, I was definitely feeling pretty rotten. And, I took myself to the doctor and looked all pitiful, like this:   (I even sent this to the Sweet DH, cause I was missin' him- bunches.)                            My sweet Scooter-Tooter climbed up in the recliner with me to cuddle and made me giggle at his funky ears.
My Momma was even worried about me and came for a visit. She brought Rutabagas. I've never eaten a Rutabaga or fixed one before. Interesting. She didn't get around to cooking them so I was left to my own devices: usually a stop over to (love that site!) I made this:
Its just diced Rutabaga, boiled until tender then drenched in homeade cheese/onion/garlic sauce and baked. I sprinkled some breadcrumbs on the top. It was ok. Nothing to write home about. But, I do think I will take the potato-masher to it and it will be just fine. Something about the texture didnt agree with my delicate palate. (maybe it was the canned ravioli that I ate for  dinner last night? hmmph.)
Then, from out of no-where, the doorbell rang! (ugh! I look like I've been in bed and not showered for 2 days!) But, thankfully it was my great neighbor, who was bringing me a great, GREAT packages. They were mistakenly dropped off at her house, kinda. I hadn't gotten the mail in so long the mail-lady thought we were on vacation. So, she just took them to Megan, cause that is who gets our stuff when we aren't home. And, cause she was worried someone would steal it- GREAT mail-Lady! I will be putting banana bread in the mailbox for her, for sure!
 Woo Hoo! Quilty fabric goodies!
The smaller box is from Missouri Star Quilt Company!
And, the larger one is from Jo @ joscountryjunction! Oh how I have been waiting for these things!
First off, I decided to make up a couple of simple quilts with layer-cakes for a couple of people that I know will love and appreciate them and who least expect them. (More on that later.) And, I decided that to make a more manly, hunter- , protecter- type quilt for the DH I was going to have to revamp my idea a little about his quilt. I needed plaids!!! More than I already have in my stash. Thankfully, Jo participated in the Garage Sale Saturday, hosted by Suzanne, over at ColoradoLady. I got a huge box of great shirt-sleeves! Plaids, check.
Sweet Box of Sleeves and a rockin' card! Straight to the fridge it went!

I am going to have a blast, slicin' and dicin' these puppies up!
On another note, I learned yesterday that a Dear Sweet Lady I know has just been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. About 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Naso-pharangeal cancer, but beat that. I am sure, in my heart, that her treatment for the first cancer, caused the second. I am so sad. But, I got straight to work on her a cuddly for chemo, that starts next week. Its bright, fun and cheerful- the way she always was to work with. She was my original charge nurse when I started at the current "real job." Its nothing fancy, just a layer cake but I have the top together minus borders and I am going to back it with Minky or fleece and call it done. It will be really cuddly, for when she needs it.
I am sure I am boring ya'll to death with all the words and pictures this week! Eeek! I will be so glad to get back to work tomorrow. Sad thing is that it is not really a work day for me. I am actually scheduled off so that I can attend the annual Trauma Symposium. Yes, thats me. Trauma Nurse extraordinaire! LOL.
I also have been working on Momma's Sunshine and am happy to say that I have most of the top, sans borders pieced. I didnt get a good picture of it, but here is one about 1/2 way finished. Next up, is figuring out what to do about borders!
Until next time! See ya'll later!
Oh and I am linking up over at Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday!


  1. wow you have been so busy. I can;t believe you achieved all that and were sick as well. I love love your dogs jacket. Am looking forward to seeing what you do with all those shirt sleeves. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Karen

  2. I so hope you are feeling much better! Sorry for being so slow to respond. Hope all your quilting goes well too. I have never had rutagabas. My best friend had multiple myeloma. I'll be praying. Thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Quilts are wonderful presents, bit like a fabric hug.