Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy Street & Sugar Block Club

This is gonna be a less than wordy- more pictures post.
I am swamped with getting  things done before school starts on the 14th.
Including reading my brains out- I read my 30 pages of syllabi last night and wanted to cry: what am I getting myself into?! (Hopefully all that will be gone when I get started!)

First up: Easy Street! Which, by the way- keeping all those 4-patches turned correctly, isn't easy.

 Bits & pieces
Starting Corners
Corners- really all together.

 A corner made.
Corners all together.

Then, of course there is the Sugar Block Club-  I haven't started on the block for this month yet. I plan to start it possibly Sunday. I should have some free time on Sunday. Should. I am on-call all weekend and Sundays are very unpredicatble. Sucks, sometimes, being a nurse.
Ok, so I feel like a complete dunce. I kept getting online and tracking my wonderful, fabulous fabrics. And, then, cause of the New Year holiday- it didn't update.  But, on Wed- while I was at work- I checked and it said that it had been delivered! On the 31st!!! O.M.G. I guess I really should check the mail more often! It had been there the whole time.  

The charms are what Julies threw in to surprise and utterly seal-the-deal on my next purchase! EEEk! I love them. Notting Hill: poppy colorway. They can be found at the Intrepid Thread. As for the bundle I purchased, Sun on Sea I absolutely love it. I love the SUN and I love the SEA. And, I did add a couple of dark, popping tasty bits too! I know I will use them! There is no compensation for this ad! LOL- really. But, I will tell you: I emailed Julie at The Intrepid Thread and I told her my fav colors and what lines I really liked and she immediately hit the nail on the head with this bundle. Wonderful works!
Sew, till next time!
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Your easy street blocks look really great. Love those fabric you got too - fun!

  2. LOVE the fabrics you have there! Will make great finished products!!!!

  3. Love your Easy Street - it will be totally worth it to have it finished. It's been fun working on this with quilters from all over the world.