Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WiP Wed. & The New Baby!

Its been a crazy busy month around here! I had no idea how busy I was really going to be when school started- but I am getting the idea quickly!
A quick rundown of a typical day: up at 4ish, study/computer time till 5ish, gym, shower- maybe a little sewing and then off to work till 530ish. Then study for another 1.5 hrs- and then anything else that needs my attention. I sometimes feel like I don't have time to breath. I am trying my best to stay on top of my classes- better to be ahead than behind.
But, last night I suffered some leg cramps that are still very achy this morning- no gym. So, I get a chance to share with ya'll! (and do some laundry!)
First up- some housekeeping!

I want everyone to go over to Pam's blog and read about the Living Water Quilt fundraiser. You won't regret it. And, if you have some $$ to spare and are willing- follow the link on her blog to donate. Learning to be Me. The quilt is magnificient and you can have a chance to win it.

A sweet acquaintance at work was recently diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. I did manage to wrangle in a WiP and finish that bad boy- squishy backing and all. I delivered it yesterday morning- as she was in pre-op for a mediport placement. Please take a minute to pray for her (or sweet thoughts- if you don't pray.)
These are the pictures of my sweet friends quilt. It was just a layer cake I sliced and diced and then added some warm & natural and a minky-type backing. I basted it with about a 1000 safety pins and got to work. I quilted it myself. And it was a beast. But, the worst part was all the pink fuzzies that ended up all over the house! LOL. Please excuse all the fabric piles and messes.

 This is in my sewing room. I had just finished quilting it and was trying to get a true color pic- I love it and I hope she does too.
In this one it is draped over the sofa- covering my vintage pretties.


 These are some East Street shots. I really need to be focused on this but its just not working out. I have other things that keep calling to me- so I am doing a block, here and there, when I can. I love how it is coming together. 
I did make a change on the last step. I took out the pieced units that were 2 black-on-white strips and added yellow blocks of the same size. It needed yellow! I will admit- some of the blocks, on their own are UGLY! But when you put them all together- I love them! They are so me! And, the fabrics I included also make it so my DH too! Perfect for our bed!
I am compelled to share a little randomness too! This is a shot of my window in "my room." It is soo cheerful to me! Scentsy warmer, jar of buttons, vase of vintage wooden spools with thread of all colors, current thread, tomatoe pin cushion and selvafe scrap box! Love it!

Stupid Hibiscus. Blooming in Jan.

 Yep, my hibiscus is blooming in january! What a hoot! And, not just this one bloom- there are new ones everyday- I've had about 10 so far. That thing is crazy! The other shot is one of some of my favorite folks- the Dear Husband and neighbor kiddos! I love them!And, they adore him- it is rough when he is gone- even on them.
A while back I posted about starting a new adventure: Hexies! And, I am proud to announce that I completed my first Hexie project and I am super stoked. I think it looks great and I am proud of my own handi-work.

Yes, I am well aware that there are white polka dots on the wall.
Next up is a little quilt I am making for my Kayli-bug. She is my little cousin/niece and she is pregnant! I say she is my cousin/niece because she is actually my cousin- but I was the only grandchild for SO long that everyone is SO much younger than me- its like they are nieces/nephews instead of cousins. I thought on this project for a while- I am doing a version of a disappearing 9-patch. With Pezzy!
Sorted and stacked. I added in some white from the stash and evened out the groupings to 4 in each with some solids and fruit fabrics.

Lemons and cherries! They round out the red and yellow groups fine.
These fabrics all cut up and looking super modern are so my SBC block of the month. I promise that I finished the block- I thought I had a picture of it but cant find it. I'll post one in the next post. You can joing the Sugar Block Club too- if you wanna. Amy's blog has all the information you will need.

Last, but certainly not least- are pictures taken this week of the new baby at the farm! Nothing sweeter or cuter than a new baby Llama. We have 4 llamas now. I haven't named her yet- but at least we know she is a girl! She is about a day old in this picture. I love how she stays so close to Momma Llama.
Sew, till next time!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the quilt using oh deer fabric - and you new blocks are very cool

  2. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for linking over to the Living Water quilt.
    I love the heartfelt quilt you made for your friend. I am praying for her.
    Hang in there with school.


  3. Loved what you did with your hexagons. I was drawn to them because I've been making some too, and I'm going to have to decide what to do with mine.

  4. I said a prayer for your friend and her quilt you made is lovely! And of course the new baby is so cute, my 8 year old thought she was "a funny looking sheep"! When I told her it is a llama she said "oh, that explains everything, it makes perfect sense now"...

  5. I said a prayer for your friend. I'm sure the quilt is very comforting to her. LOVE your selvage container! And those llamas--adorable. Thanks so much for linking up!