Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Obligatory (after) New Year Post

This is going to be a BIG year for us at the Rusty Nail Farm!
There is already so much going on. Or that we are waiting to start.
I start Grad school in less than 2 weeks. My life as I know it is going to completely change- its hard coming to terms with that.
I might or might not have time to blog about it- please be forgiving.
That also means that I might have to change my hours/status at work- its hard coming to terms with that too. I am so devoted to my team/work. I LOVE what I do. And, work has always been my scapegoat- I go there and don't have to think about anything but work. Actually, it is essential that I don't think about anything else when I am working. Goes with the whole saving lives thing.

Also, my Sweet DH may have some changes coming up too: super excited about the possibility he'll be home more! or closer!

I didn't really do a year end or year beginning post- there are plenty out there. And, that whole "doing __________ or __________ without obligation" thing has bitten me. I kinda felt obligated to write one- so I didn't. I am trying to teach myself not to obligate myself too thin. Home, School, Work. Those can be my ONLY obligations while I am a grad student.
There are a couple of other things I would like to obligate myself to do- get healthier and finish somethings that need finishing, be a better me, be a better friend etc. Ya'll get it. But, no resolutions- those are broken too easily.I don't need to set myself up for failure.
I also want to spend less time Facebooking and more time face-to-face with those I love.

Without further a-do: here are my lists of things. I added them to my sidebar too! (pat on my own back.) This is just a listing of the quilty/sewing things.

A listing of projects for me to complete  (doubtful in 2013): (WiPs)
  • Easy Street: almost to the last clue- I think this one is for our bed. I am so excited.
  • Momma's Sunshine: just need to finish up borders on this one and get a back ready- mom wants to hand quilt it.
  • Sugar Block Club: I know this will be good for me.
  • Dad's Sailboat: need to finish piecing this, borders are negotiable. Want to make it snuggle worthy for a big man. All the units are ready to be joined.
  • Russell's Airplanes: awaiting shipment of main fabric choice. Airplanes all ready. Deciding on borders very difficult.
  • Hexies: out the wahzoo! Big & Small.
  • Disappearing 9-patch. Just need to join units and add borders.
  • Slice & Dice: have squishy backing ready. Join units and border to be complete. This has a home it needs to go to.
  • Lazy Sunday: Have a large majority cut and some piecing done. Will be a WiP for a little bit.
  • Etsy Shop quilt: Just need to finish adding borders to this one and get it on the shop page. Not very excited about this one. This one may have  a home, possibly
  • Colourbox Quilt of Oakshots: have some piecing done- 8 blocks or so. I love this quilt but not sure how to go about doing it except as leader-ender project.  
What I want to start:
  • Bits: a quilt of pieces. Random units/blocks and mess-ups. Lord knows I have plenty of mess-ups. I want this one for the couch- thinking snuggly soft flannel backing- large enough for 2 to snuggle. (yep, missing my Honey.)
  • Mama said Sew quilt. This is in my minds-eye.
  • Goosy Strings quilt: I could work on this intermittenly until it is completed. I actually think I have some perfect-size foundation papers already cut.
I also want to figure out more about this whole "blogger" thing- like how to work the thing better! How to make my pictures show up where I want them and such. I just recently figured out how to make sidebars and add things to them. I would like to add a picture to my sidebar too though.

Sew, till next time.
(yep, no picture or linkys today- I am headed to the gym and ain't got time for them now.)

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