Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday night fever.

-- Haven't you heard?

The new "going out" is "staying in."
I love it!

Its been a long productive day- but I am settled in for the evening. Hopefully my excitement over the workshop tomorrow will wane a little and I'll get some sleep tonight. Whew!

I left home this afternoon and after 2 hours in the car, I arrived in Plano. It was around 315; checked into my room and hauled my stuff up.
Then got back in the car, traveled up the road a bit to McKinney and landed at The Quilt Asylum. I love this place. It is packed full of nifty bits on top of all the fabric! Woo Hoo! They have FQs of everything imagineable! But, what I went there specifically for was some pre-cut EPP papers. I wanted something else along with more 3/4in Hexies. So, I got some bigger hexies, equ. triangles and some 6  point diamonds. I am in love with this EPP business.
I got a "large pack" of the 3/4 in hexie papers so that I can continue to do random scraps and finally- maybe in a million years have a full-size quilt made completely of scrap hexies! Wouldn't that be so nifty? I got the diamonds and the triangles because I am thinking of making trinkets such as pin cushions and pillows with them. The large hexies (1.5 in. side)  I got to match the pre-cut Kaffe Fassett Hexies they had on display that I just could not live without. I got 2 packs. I am going to be in so so much trouble when I get home. Did I mention that I am working with Kaffe Fassett hexies now? Yep. They are lovely! They are the 3/4 in ones.

 So, on Saturday night I am piled up in the room, writing this post and working on hexies. Exceptional evening- if I do say so myself. The bad part is that I am missing the DH and my hand is hurting me. I am going to take some advil and finish the wine. Then I am turning off the TV and hitting the hay.
Here is a picture of my perfect Saturday night (sans my sweet DH):

The DH got me the chocolate with peppermint in my stocking. And, I supplemented by stopping and grabbing the little bottles of wine from the store in the parking lot.

Have a good night yall! I will be posting intermittenly from my phone as time allows tomorrow! Please send me positive thoughts to sleep well!
Sew, till next time!

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