Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

There once was this girl...
And she loved this really sweet guy...
And then one night...he sent her this text:
 She said, Forever! Yes!
And, they got hitched 2 years ago tomorrow!

And, I just want him to know:
I love you.
You complete my life.
You are my anchor, hunter, gatherer.
My lover, comedian, serious thinker.
My strong wind & calm sea.
My sunshine & rain.
I am spoiled senseless with your love, everyday & I know it.

The last couple of years have been the best years yet & I know it will get better, yet!
I truly love & appreciate everything you do for me and I know that at times I fall short.
But, I hope you know you have my heart & soul, even when I have nothing left to give.

I love you, Russell. Happy Anniversary.

I am linking up at freshlypieced because marriage is ALWAYS a work in progress!


  1. Does Russel fly for Pilots N Paws? How awesome that would be! You two look like happy charitable folks! If you've never heard if Pilots N Paws, check them out!

    1. Yes! He sure does! He has not gotten to fly an animal yet, because none have crossed our paths to fly but he watches the "newsletter" and alert bulletins!