Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet things! All around!

First Block- no window panes yet.
Its been a busy week around our Humble Abode. Last weekend was our SCRC Texas State reunion event. We had a blast. And, I didn't come home with my quilt :( but its ok, I can always make another, better, one. But, it did fetch some money for St. Judes! 250ish dollars I think- I am really not sure. The quilt that fetched the most brought in a whopping $1650!!! I am so proud to be a part of a group that does so much good. And, the best part: The lady who made the quilt that brought in the most- she bought MY quilt!!! 
First window pane, ever!
And, honestly, I haven't really had much time on my hands to sew since we got back. And, I started something new! And, completely different!
I had it set in my mind that I would never be able to do the dramatic Cathedral Window quilt pattern- but I am! I am very pleased with the results too! It is coming together a lot easier than I expected. I feel like I am cheating because I am using the machine to do it but I did try the handwork on it and it hurt my hands so much. There are so many layers and I am using good cotton and not just muslin to do it. I think I will call it "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!" I have someone in mind for this quilt already. I know they will love it!  I was over joyed when I added the first window pane! It looked so pretty- I almost cried.
This is the second block that I finished with all four window panes in place. I wish I had thought about the colors more while I was doing this block- I just grabbed odds and ends to do it with but thats ok. I can always adjust my "pattern" to fit it. I plan to use a LOT more purple and of course YELLOW throughout the quilt. Does everyone know that purple is the color in support of Lupus? My good friend is dying of Lupus. It is so devastating! She is under 40 and is already almost completely deaf and blind. It hurts my heart to see her suffer- but she is a fighter! Lately she has started a new medication that is supposed to help her- but it causes her much grief for a while after she gets it.

The picture above is of the 2 Cathedral Window blocks I have completed with the joining window panes added. I love it.
I am planning today to have a mini-quilt-a-thon here at home. I have many projects that I want to work on. I was blessed this morning to wake up to a perfectly CLEAN house. And, so, there is NO excuse whatsoever to not sew the day away.
Although there is one little thing I wanted to share with ya'll! My heart was so warmed by the kind gesture from the sweetest little boy! Yesterday when I got home from work, I checked the mail. All that was there (I thought) was the weekly sales ads, but when I pulled those out- We had received this sweet little parcel from our neighbor's son:
Too stinkin' cute!
I was almost in tears- thinking that he was thinking about us and his buddy (the Sweet Honey) having to go back to work! So, I had to quickly whip something up to put in the "mail" for him! I whipped up a fabric "postcard" and stuck it in their mailbox this morning! In this world today it is hard to think about kids actually being sweet- but this little boy is!

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