Thursday, October 11, 2012


Its Thursday. I have to go back to work today!
Its also really randow Thursday and I am linkin' up at  Live a Colorful Life.
Today I'm missing these faces! I need a good snuggle and my little 1/2 pint poochie, Scooter- just ain't cuttin' it~ he  squirms way too much!
 I also need to start busting my bootie to finish this up because the next one is coming out shortly- and my Momma probably wants her quilt, already.
I really need some motivation on this! Like  being grounded! or something.
These crazy pieces. I have stacks of these boogers. I gotta figure out what to do with them. They just havent played well with anything. This is why I have sworn off charm packs- I do not buy them anymore!
Here is a family portrait of our Llamas. Fred, Patsy and Lennie Llama, that reside at Rusty Nail Farm.
Lennie is over a year old now, so I guess its time he make an appearance. Too stinkin' cute, I know I'm biased.
Here is The Sweet Honey & myself, in the Hill country... Cant wait to make a repeat of this trip! We had such a blast.
What you cant see, is the fact that he single-handedly saved me from falling on my head moments before the camera snapped! Eek!

Have a great, Random Thursday!


  1. Sounds like you have been having fun - I love the llamas!

  2. great photo of your cute llama family :)

  3. the llamas are a big hit!! Thanks for linking up this week.