Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sailboat and Window Works

I have been SICK.
Like, 103.7f temp sick the last few days. Sicker than a dog! (I've never understood that.)
But this little buddy has been my constant companion and helped me through. Forever grateful.
 Just look at that face! I love it. He is so sweet.
He is definitely telling me how horrible marvelous his sweater is! I have a couple more to showcase, but they don't fit him well right now.
Ok, so while in my sick bed, I have been working on the Cathedral Window quilt: Follow  the Yellow Brick Road! It is definitely challenging. Some of the issues I am having are centered around the size it is getting. It is just getting harder to manage. I think what I need to do is just start a bunch of sections and then connect them all when I think its big enough.

     Also on my plate for this week: My dad a quilt. I have another quilt in the works but I just don't think I can share that one just yet. Its for my Sweet Honey- I still have not ever made him his own quilt. I think he needs one- or he might just cut off my fabric allowance, ya know? He is such a wonderful provider!
     Ok, so about my Dad, He is getting older and it scares me to think about it. He is going to have surgery on the 24th of the month and I am going to Little Rock to make sure everything gets done like it should and that he behaves with his nurses. He is definitely one of those "crotchety old men."    
     My Dad has his dream for retirement: Sailboat! He wants to sail around the world. He plans to sell everything and sail off into the sunset. Lord, Help me. So, thats what I am going with on his quilt. I have been researching sailboat blocks and I have found some, some are very childish, others too complex. I really want him to use his quilt, so an art-style quilt is really out. So far, I have decided to do a basic value-based diamond layout, taking out sections and replacing them with sailboat blocks. Does that make sense? Maybe some pictures will help. Maybe.
 So after some matching of various blues and reds to neutrals, mostly in sailing, sailboat, beach themed fabric and many many 1/2 sq triangles made and trimmed.
All this trimming has been hard for me while running a temp, my mind just doesn't want to work right all the time.
 I ended up with these. And, those transformed into this-->
Ya'll are just going to have to excuse the stuff under the quilt, that stuff is what is generally on my guestroom bed and that is where I tried this layout. My design wall is FULL. yep, with CAPS.
And, then transformed in to the picture below:
Its not really anything to brag about yet, but I hope it will be when I am done. I like it so far. I just have to figure out something to go in the center spot or change the layout of the sailboat blocks some. I will work it out.
I am linking up with Lee at freshlypieced.
See ya later!



  1. I hope you are feeling better... and good luck with your dad's surgery too. Both of your projects are beautiful. I've never attempted Cathedral Window blocks but I so admire them!

    1. I am feeling much better! And, I am sure Dad will be fine.
      Cathedral Windows hasnt been that difficult at all- especially since I figured out how to do it by machine. I know- Cheater.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I love the sailboat quilt, very creative! Hope your Dad's surgery goes well. My Dad is a grumpy old man too, and a trial to his nurses. I can relate!

    1. Dads just seem to be that way ;)
      Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment! I do appreciate it!