Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy WIP Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

I can't believe that it has been almost 2 weeks since I have posted but it has been a whirlwind around here!
I set out and was gone to San Antonio (fabulous place!) for the Annual AVA (association of vascular access) Scientific Meeting and then was back at work a couple of days before I set out for Little Rock for my Dad to have surgery (it went fine, Thanks!) And, then we had 2 gatherings at our house last weekend and work this week! Eeek! I just need a vacation for everything!

But, I have been working on a few projects.
I baked about 20 little loaves of bread as party favors for one of the gatherings this last weekend. Yummo! I wish I had some left!
I also planned it just right that I would have my fall wreath on the door and presentable before everyone arrived, I just forgot to snap a picture of it finished! O well, its too dark now to get one but I'll include a picture next time! It ended up being really cute. Please excuse my work mess!
This week I have been kicking it in high gear, I wanted to get my Momma's quilt completed for her for Christmas, but I am hoping to get it over and done with before Thanksgiving now. I have kinda been torn about finishing it. It is beautiful, but a beast too. Some of my units have been wonky and I have yet to figure out the problem. It was the Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville mystery from last year. I named it Momma's Sunshine. Its kickin' my ass.

I included a couple of shots of it as I was laying it out and a pic of my workstation making the Ohio Star blocks that are part of it. I really need to finish this- hopefully I will this week. I decided not to do the full-size quilt but to just do a throw size and to add my own borders but I haven't decided those either. Maybe I can utilize some of the wonky units.

The next big issue to tackle is that I need to make my DH, My Sweet Honey, his quilt. He's been my support and anchor through so much. But, I still haven't managed to work him in a quilt. Bless his heart! But, this week I also started working on his! My DH is a pilot and if any of you know any pilots, you know you can't go wrong with airplanes! For ANY occasion. Especially Christmas.
I only snapped one picture of the first 2 blocks, hopefully there will be more next week!
I am really prompted and compelled to finish Momma's quilt this week and the next and slowly work on the DH's. I would like to have his finished to give him for Christmas, but we'll see! I also really want them all done so that I can focus on the next Quiltville Mystery "East Street" that the intro post was made on today! It definitely promises to be interesting!
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  1. oh I like those planes! Very cool! Well done on a great pair of blocks!