Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reunion Quilt works.

Here is the Sweet Honey with his new plane "body" in our garage. Yep, most people have cars- we have a plane.

But, what this post is really about is what I did different with the Reunion quilt that I have never done before in quilting.
I usually attach binding using the machine. I hate to bind quilts! I think its because I hate the way my bindings used to end up looking- but I have gotten better. On this binding I attached it to the back (like always) but when I flipped it over to set it on the other side, I used a zig-zag stitch. It looks ok and it may very well hold up better in the long run.

I loved the text on the binding. Our riding group does a lot of charity type events including going to the airport and welcoming home troops. This hits my household very close to home- DH's son is currently doing a tour of duty in the Marines. He thinks he is somewhere around Somalia. But, they never really know.
This quilt will be auctioned off during our riding club's reunion this year. Any monies we raise we give to St.Jude's. That is the main charity association that we sponsor. It goes to a wonderful cause. And, as much as I know it will cause strife at our home- I am bringing this quilt back home with me!!
I really want to give it to the DS when he gets home for Christmas.

 On this picture you can see the quilting- its just some simple stars all over, in varigated thread- red, white & blue.
I used navy thread in my bobbin and white on top when I flipped the binding over and attached it. I hoped that it would make the stitching on the back invisible, but it may soften some and not be as noticable once its been washed.

I am rather proud of this quilt, mostly for the charitable aspect of it but really because I think I will get to bring it home with us for Timothy.  I hope he likes it. I am forever looking for ways to make things personal to the people that I am making things for and this one hits the nail on the head.   I am getting off of here, I have lots to do today to get ready for the reunion! And, we get to make a trip to the local Harley shop! Woo Hoo!

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