Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret Santa Soiree!

Yesterday we spent the majority of the day riding the motorcycle and bringing Christmas cheer to sweet little boys and girls that would otherwise be without. It was the day of the Annual Ellis County Toy Run. It was such a blast! And, it never fails to make me teary-eyed, seeing all those bikes and bikers with the toys for the kiddos.
And, we had our annual Christmas Party for our riding club too. It was also a blast. Wonderful folks!

But, when we finally got home- it was like the icing on the cake.
I got my Secret Santa Package! Woo Hoo!

A very special Thanks! Goes out to Ellen at babeswithballsofyarn.
(And, a very special "Thank you so much for hosting!," goes out to Suzanne over at coloradolady. )

Now for the showing and ooohing and aahhhing!

My sweet little package!
I kinda (just a little) feel bad! I just ripped right into it in the kitchen! No fancy displaying here! Ya'll will just have to forgive the kitchen! This towel is great! I love kitchey-themed goodies!

 This sweet little yellow drawstring bag held so super sweet charms and fat quarters! And, its YELLOW! My favorite color! Woo Hoo!
Yep. Strawberries, French Fries! All natural yummy smelling laundry soap! Lovin' it!
 Also in my haul was a handmade green zipper pouchy! It had sweets and eats! And, tea to boot!
I am gonna so enjot a cup of that peppermint tea tonight and some chocolate to go with it!
Today I am just kinda sad that I have to run off to work! It has been hell week at work this last week and I am not looking forward to today! And, I am trying my best to get my house in the Christmas spirit- but with it being 75 degrees around here- its just not happening. Glad the Sweet DH got the lights up last week, or there'd be none at all.
I need to get my bootie in gear!
Have a great day Ya'll!


  1. What fun gifts and a fun post! Those charms are really cute!! Merry Christmas and so glad you participated this year!

  2. You got great gifts and the fabrics are so awesome!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Glad you got it and liked it! Merry Christmas to you and your family!