Thursday, December 27, 2012

WiP Wed & Easy Street: Christmas-y Week Edition

Woo! What a week it has been.
I am so blessed in my Life- my whole life. My family, friends, co-workers- they are all the very best!
We has a wonderful Christmas, followed up by a sad morning.
My DH had to leave for work this morning- he'll be gone for 2 weeks. It just puts a damper on the "after-Christmas-glow" for me. Especially when I just didn't get my Christmas Spirit till it was the Day.
I did manage to get all of the stockings made that I needed to get made and finished the tree skirt that I started last year. It was a pain in the neck- let me tell ya!
Tree Skirt
Pecan Pie! (& Roast!)

Dad & Brother!
It was a good family year though- I got to spend Christmas Eve with my family: Mom, Dad, DH, Brother & Me.
 And, on Christmas day the neighbor kiddos came to get their stockings and we surprised them with Breakfast at IHop too. Then it started snowing- like crazy! I've never had a white Christmas except once before and it really wasn't snow that year, just freezing rain & no electricity to boot! The snowflakes were as big as baseballs! I wish I had gotten clearer pictures but I just couldn't with my phone.

Then the Kid showed up with the Grandbaby (we call her PPG for PawPaw's Pretty Girl, lol.)
It rounded out a very nice day.

My Easy Street mystery from Quiltville is progressing- but slowly. I think it has something to do with all of the stockings and Christmas-y business going on. I have gotten a couple of steps done but no real progress on the last step. I am still trying to finish up those shaded 4-patches. They have actually been going easily for me- but take me so long to make them come out right and its easier to take my time and do them right, ya know?
You can see these are the big triangles for the shaded 4 patches. I love the bright blues that I chose to use instead turquoise. I wanted this quilt to be more masculine than the colors were sounding- hopefully this one will be gracing our bed, it promises to be large!

These are my 145- 3.5 in. green squares. It was fun to choose these fabrics. I used novelties for most of these: outhouses, gardening tools, letters, phones and martini glasses!

This is my whole grouping of bits & parts made so far. Well, except that I went back after I snapped all these pics and finished all the shaded 4-patches. So they are together and ready now.    I guess I should really get my bootie in gear today and finish the blue & brown flying geese and squatting turkey bits so I'll be ready for the next clue!                                                       

Something else I wanted to mention:
I was the recipient of the Sugar Block Club giveaway over at Aunt Marti's! Hello!!!  I am super excited about this and have been drooling as I have been shopping for fabric to use! I have never done a club like this before-  If you want to check it out you can do that here: Sugar Block Club Amy is sure to have something grand in store for us! Don't miss out! You can also check her out at stitcherydickorydock.I bet you won't be disappointed. You can also click the button on my sidebar.
Thank you, thank you, Thank you, Aunt Marti for my wondermous gift!

Till next time!


  1. Your Easy Street looks like it is coming along great and now that the holidays are over you'll have more fun with it. Next step.....tomorrow!

  2. Your blocks look fantastic - definitely more masculine. You've got me thinking I should make a 'boy colours' one now (I'm already making two LOL).