Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday & Easy Street Part II

This has been a crazy, busy week for me!
I can't believe how much I have managed to get done, even with work bogging me down.

I finished Momma's Sunshine and I love how it turned out- just haven't been able to get a decent shot of it, so that will have to wait.

Tomorrow, I pack my overnighter for a trip to Arlington. I am driving up to spend the night and go to ACNP program orientation. (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) Oh, Yeah! I forgot to tell ya'll! D'oh!
I am super excited. I have been applying since August of last year and finally got in! Woo Hoo!
I am sad though, a little, because I need to be working on my Christmas gifts and Mystery Quilt! But, I am thinking of packing my littler machine and stuff to take with me. It will be limited- but i'll make it work.

Ok, onward with the WIP's!

First up: I am working on Christmas stockings, I have 3 finished. And a couple cut out. No, I didn't get snaps of the couple I am actually working on, but I did manage to take a couple of shots of the ones I finished.

2 of them are for very special little girls and the third one is a "secret." Can't tell! No way, no how.

Second, I have been working like mad on Easy Street Part 2. Since I am just finishing last years quilt up and this one is actually for moi- I need to get a move on and stay up with each step. I just keep thinking that this one is the monster I will be using on our bed. I can't wait!
I managed to finish part one, even after changing my mind on the colors. I decided to use a neutral stars material as my "gray." I think it will add more warmth with my warmer color scheme.

Pinned together in sets of 10! Wonder where I got that...
And, once I finished those, I set to work on cutting out all of the peices for part II. I have never really had much luck making consistently sized (and not completely jacked-up) triangle units; especially flying geese (gooseys.) But, I decided to go really slow and meticulously cut and then "built up" and guide for my seams so that I had all hands on deck to get the gooseys finished and perfect without having to redo 100 or more. Eek!
Dark Chocolates & browns for purples! Center of flying geese. All cut and ready!
My little corner peices, almost all cut and ready to sew. Pretty Pretty!
And. Because I am not patient. And, I just couldn't wait to cut all of the corners. I just had to get some of them together. And, I wanted to be able to share! I went ahead and did a few- They are magnificent (for me!) (after a little sliver trimming.) I am so proud!
And, because I just couldn't pass it up: a little I-spy action:
Lovin' the little car and ice cream cone!
I also managed to cut all of the rectangles that were requested for a future step. I used them when I just couldn't take cutting any more triangles for fear of losing my mind. Triangles are, so so my weak point! I hate that too, I really love the way they look! 
I also have quite a quandry for ya'll to help me with- I need to figure out what to do with these guys. I used them in a wooden dough bowl as a "fall/Thanksgiving" decoration and now I am sad to just throw them away. They are the real deal and look just as good as the day I bought them- and they have no soft spots. They are just regular ornamental gords/squashes. I don't think they can be used to cook- but I hate to just throw them out.
Any Ideas?
If someone has a really good idea, and posts a comment telling me- I will gladly ship them a little lovey package! I am linking up over at freshlypeiced and Quiltville. Please see the buttons on the side for those sites!
Thanks ya'll and Happy sewing!


  1. That's a great color scheme you have going. I can't wait to see what Friday holds for us!

  2. I too like the colors that you are using. They look really warm together!

  3. Hello Jess, love the colors! I am using Bonnie's color and have been looking forward to fridays! I use those gords as candles. I cut the top, take out seeds and put little votive candles in them! Hope you try it!

  4. Love, love the fabrics! Great color choices.

  5. Nice choice love the gold stary fabric, I think I used that in a quilt last Christmas..I look forward to Fridays like never before!!Happy Quilting

  6. Your color choice for Easy Street is very pretty. The stockings are certainly hung with care and will certainly be treasured.

  7. I made my first Christmas stocking the other day. I made it for an online thing, but plan on making them for everyone next Christmas!

  8. Love the little I-spy! It's also quite fun to see how everyone is changing the colors to suit their taste. I can't wait to see all of the quilt come together.