Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wip Wednesday & Easy Street, in a way.

It has been an exceptionally hectic couple of weeks around here.
First, there is work- It is never ending. Except for short breaks, which I will get to explain my short  unplanned extended lovely break later.
Second, HELLLO it is just a couple of days till Christmas! And, I just finished my Christmas shopping today. That doesn't mean I have all the gifts made that I NEED to make/finish!
Let me just start at the top!
Last Saturday, the DH & I had plans to finish Christmas shopping. We got almost everything and everyone covered, except for the a couple and those that I am making by hand.  Then we spent a nice relaxing (in bed and asleep by 830) evening at the farm; with the Llamas. I haven't seen them in a while (2 months) because I just don't have the luxury of going when I have to work. It sucks.
But we did get to spend some time with our Sweet PPG! (PawPaw'sPrettyGirl)
I love these faces!

Well, I noticed that Lennie Llama (the sweet baby,) has an infected eye. Not good. And, the problem with that is, we don't have cross-fencing on our farm. It is just 30 acres of vast-wide-open-space. So, llamas are a little hard to load in the trailer when they can just walk away from it. So, our relaxing Sunday at the farm turned into work. Lots of it. And, injury. For, me! We had to build a small pen to corral our llamas in, in case we have to have them vetted or such. Which we almost got finished, until my fingers intertwined with some 16ft cattle panels and got crushed. Not just a little smashed- CRUSHED.
Like, black & blue and swollen and nasty. I cried. Real tears.
(more on that later.) So, I have pictures of our pen-in-progress.
(Nevermind the super sweet and sexy farmer man.)

Patsy, MommaLlama!

Super Sexy Farmer Man.

So this is the pen when we left it, after my injury. It was almost all the way finished. But, I don't have the finished product in a picture. The DH & FIL had to finish it Monday. Without me.

I actually thought we did a great job, but the DH is not convinced. He says that my fence row is a little crooked. O well.

Now, as far as my injury. I went on in to work on Monday. I told my work partner that I had a "little" injury and wouldn't be able to wear sterile gloves. We thought I was gonna be ok- and I will be. Eventually.
But, around 330 Monday, while we are working our butts off to try and finish all of our cases, my hand starts throbbing like you wouldn't believe. I was hurting! Almost tears hurting. Advil (my best hurting friend) was NOT helping a bit! Up till that point it was keeping it very manageable and I was fine to be the "tech." Not so much at that point. To make it worse, work had us so wrapped up. We had about 7 cases at that point. No way we were finishing all of those!
So, I had to leave work and go to the Direct Care (mini-ER) and see someone about my hand. Guess what? Yep, my middle finger is BROKEN! I have a molar-plate fracture on the middle finger of my dominant hand! Sucks to be me.

I generally have very small hands.  I wear a size 6 sterile glove and a small clean glove enulfs me. By the time I left work to get the X-ray, a large glove caused tremendous pain to my right hand, and would barely fit snugly on my finger. It was horrible.
That leads up to my short lovely break from work, right before my Christmas holiday! Woo Hoo! I really hate to not be at work- I love my job! And, I know that my team is hurting not having me there. But, Dr. said I have to be off work through the weekend (this weekend) and then I am on a mini-vaca till the day after Christmas. So, I guess it will all work out.
I have been trying my best to stay ahead on Easy Street, but it just hasn't worked out for me. I am at a very manageable stage  and have everything cut, but I just can't seem to find the time or the pain-free position to be sewing!
I have gotten some done.
 These are most of my first set of flying geese. They look pretty good to me. This will be the first time that I have successfully made them and not had to re-make the majority of them. LOL.

These are my little wings for the shaded 4-patches. I have them made and the other half cut but just need to join them

 Bits & parts!
 It is so fun to look and see the pictures I have taken as I have gone along. This is right after I started the wing bits.
Lots of rows. I keep things pinned in sets of 10 so that they are easy to work with and keep count of! I would like to thank Bonnie for that!

Then, I have a special little treat that I started today. I am usually not a hand-sew kinda person. I actually can't sew a straight line to save my life. But, I might have just found my niche in all this hand-sewing business! Hexies! Yep!

Those are my first every hand-sewn hexies! Woo Hoo! Ok, so they are just basted, but hey- it was fun and I love it. I'll keep ya'll updated! I am linking up with Bonnie over at Quiltville and with Lee over at FreshlyPieced.
Till next time!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Jessie. I'm in Shreveport and you kind of feel like a neighbor amongst all these world wide Easy Streeters. Norway and Cape Town. How cool is that ? Hope your finger gets better soon.

  2. I am also having a hard time keeping up but figure there is always time to catch up!

  3. Cute little hexies.

    Sorry about your hand. Looks awful. For sure I would have cried.

  4. I too am in love with hexes so much that I designed a to go case to carry them in when I take the train to work. Sorry about your finger, it really looks bad, hope it stops hurting soon!, your farm sounds cool and the llamas are cute. Do you shear them for the fiber?

  5. OUCH! Sorry about that! Your colors are great for Easy Street!

  6. Oh man, so sorry about your injury. Looks painful! Your easy street is coming along really well. Congrats on the successful flying geese! Yea for hexes (and other paper piece shapes) so fun and addicting!

  7. Sorry about that broken finger! It looks quite painful and on your dominant hand, too! Love the colors you've chosen for Easy Street and the hexies are wonderful. They are on my wish list, but I need to get some other UFOs finished first.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!