Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday!

This is just a quick post- with BIG news for me! Woo Hoo!

I have always wanted to go to a Bonnie K. Hunter workshop or lecture and I have been waiting since Sept of 2011 to go to the one I signed up for TOMORROW! That's right, I head out this evening to Plano, TX and am signed up for one of Bonnie's mystery classes.
The mystery is called Lazy Sunday! I am so exited.
First off: I have never been to any class or lecture about quilting or for quilters EVER. I hope my skills are where they need to be for this one.
Bonnie is the Queen Bee of itty-bitty-tinsy piecing- so something tells me that this will be no lazy sunday with her!
I am also nervous about what to bring and how to transport... I have 2 machines and am planning to take my little "walmart-special" Brother with me but I am so sad about it. I got a monster-rockin'-wondermous Baby-Lock Esante for Valentine's day (my choice! Yep, girls, I passed up jewelry for a new machine)last year and haven't used my little Bro since! So, I probably need to get in there and do a little maintenance love magic on it and work with it a bit so that I don't look like a complete dufus when it is time to sew at the workshop. I sure will miss my auto-thread-cutter and needle-threader-dohickey.
And, what about fabric?!
We are having the class at the wonderful Fabric Fanatics (when only Batiks will do!) and from what I understand we will be able to shop during class (if the need arises.) I am sure to get in trouble with the DH if I bring too much monies. So, I have been a really good girl and went ahead and shopped the stash for this class quilt.
The confirmation email we got was really a note from Bonnie with some suggestions fabric choices and pre-cutting. I really love that, since I am a really slow cutter- I suck at it if I go fast. My strips are never straight. So, I spent about 3 hours last night ironing and pre-cutting my fabrics. I don't feel too bad though about not shopping especially for this class, the majority of the fabrics I chose came from Fabric Fanatics from earlier this year.
I was kinda leary when I got the email about what colors because we had just been given the colors for the yearly Bonnie Mystery over at Quiltville. But, no worries- my choices for Easy Street were masculine instead of brights. So, I decided to go with the brights for this one. I am glad too, I am loving them.
How about some pictures:

Oh Darn! That's not a picture of fabric! But, I did want to share it. With a little side note: Ladies- if you are supposed to get your rings inspected: Do it!
While being forced to finish Christmas shopping at the mall the week before Christmas, the Honey decided I needed to stop in Helzberg to get my ring inspected. (it will only take a minute) My rings come with a "warranty" but if they are not inspected like they are supposed to be and I lose my stone I am just ass out. If they are inspected then and I lose the stone, then they REPLACE it. It is basically an insurance policy that has no premium. It is a one-time fee and actually nominal compared to replacing the diamond in my ring.
Needless to say: my diamond was loose! EEk! But, it is all better now! And, I have it back already! Yeah! I sure do love my sweet DH and having my ring back is such a sweet reminder of him always!
These are my neutrals/background fabrics. I never realised how neutral batiks and mixers that work with batiks are hard to find. They are, but not if you go to Fabric Fanatics.
Here are my orange/yellows. Yellow is actually my favorite color. I thought long and hard about my choices here. The suggestion was 8 different bright oranges. But, I know Bonnie won't mind my throwing a few yellows into the mix.
Here are my bright limey greens. I didn't have too many of these in my stash but I love my choices for this quilt. Some of them look a little dark in the picture but they really blend and fit in well.
The bright purples were easy to come by- which is odd, because purple is not usually a color I enjoy. Its not that I don't like purple- I think it is beautiful- but its not a color that works with a lot of what I make. Maybe, I should work on incorporating more purples this year.
I guess almost every quilt needs a little pink or red. I have lots of those, but I am not really a pink-loving girl either. So, I did some switching around with the yardages provided and am making this the one with the least. This quilt is for me!
No quilt for me would be complete without a little blue/turquoise to go with the yellow! I made sure my choices were very complimentary to the yellows/oranges that I picked. But, I love blues of any kind.

Alright, so there you have it. Wish me luck on my first class!
Till next time!

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  1. I came within a hairs-breadth of losing the stone from my wedding ring. It'd been on my finger for at least ten years before I finally gave in and had it cut off. The prongs were pretty much GONE. I didn't know until then about having the setting checked. Now, I'm gonna be extra careful about it.

    For me, it's not the expense of replacing the diamond, it's the fact that it's my diamond I got married with.

    Have fun with Bonnie -- that sounds SO much fun!