Sunday, September 16, 2012

A finish... and a start!

resting on bed.
On Friday I worked like a banshee to finish the Cheetah Quilt for my little friend- I gave it to her last night but it was too late to get good pictures. She's only 8- she's in love with the Quilt. It is THE Quilt to her.
It was a huge beast to bind. I did it all on the machine :(

finishing binding!

I am on the "super countdown" till my Russell comes home. It really sucks when he is gone. And, this time he is home we have lots of things going on- I am already feeling stingy with my time!

I started a new small project yesterday morning before work. I decided I needed a box/basket/something to put spools of ribbon/pre-made binding/ric-rack inside. I have a hug plastic tub that is really too large for those things and I needed it for something else. Really, I need better storage for what I already have.
Anyway, so I decided to make one  of the scrap boxes from Sunday-Morning-Quilts but with selvages instead of just patchwork scraps! I love it and I am not even started really good yet! I do know that I WILL have to have a rainbow of these puppies!
I have saved and saved my selvages for a few years but they have just been sitting in a baggy waiting for something- I was afraid to try anything with them and ruin them- but Oh well. I just decided to go for it. I may have enough of each color to make a box from each color of selvages, with some scraps mixed in too!
Just a stinkin' cute cute selvage!
I have 2 quilts that I just need to put together. I have all the blocks constructed and even the borders but I am scared! They are on-point! Eeek! I am going to try and finish those in the next couple of days. And, make a few more bags for my etsy shop.

Ya'll have a great day!

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  1. I like your selvege box! WHen I cut off my selveges I'm never sure how much of the fabric to leave attached. Some people just top stitch and I'm not sure what I'll do with mine yet.