Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Plane, Boss, The Plane!

Over the course of Yesterday, I started and finished a "Jane Market Bag!" Woo Hoo! It was easy and will be perfect for its intended recipient- Momma.
I haven't worked on her quilts like I thought I would, but I do have half the binding on the reunion quilt. As far as the reunion quilt goes it is the "bargin basement" pattern of Bonnie Hunter's. I love it because it was so easily customized. I want to do one that is totally scrappy, not just Red, White & Blue. The more I work on it- the more I want it- not for myself but for my step-son. He is currently on his last tour of duty in the Marines- somewhere in the middle of the ocean.
My Honey (DH), will be acting as the auctioneer for the SCRC state reunion; it promises to be very interesting. Especially interesting since I WILL be bidding on my own quilt in an effort to get it back and get it to Tim. The Honey might kill me before all is said and done, so- ya'll will know what happened to me if I stop showing up.

I know I should have been taking pictures along the way of the bag but I was just so amazed at how quick it was and how much I liked the way it was turning out- I never stopped! I hope Momma likes it.
 I used decor weight cotton
 and some canvas and am really pleased with the structure of it. I doubt she uses it as a market or shopping bag but probably a work bag.
I am showing front and back of the bag in the photos.
It won't stand up on its own but thats ok, I think when I make myself some I might try one with quilter cotton and interface it- just to see how that structure is.

Next up on WIP Wednesday is my "Perkimon Daydream" quilt for my friend Tina. I have actually been working on it for over a year. But, it is a grump! I didn't use 1.5 in. strips like the original pattern calls for- I used 2 in.(for some reason my sets stay straighter that way) and I am not doing the original pattern layout or size. What I have so far:

Right now it just barely covers the top of my queen-sized guest bed. I have sewn about 3 rows together and I imagine that I will have to make myself add at least 2 more rows. But after 2 more rows and borders I think it will make a very nice sized snuggly. My friend, Tina, is very dear to me. Even, if we dont talk regularly at all- actually, I probably haven't talked to her in 10 months. Shameful. Its extra shameful too cause if she read my blog she would see all the spelling and gramatical errors and stroke. She is an English teacher!
Ok, so, the Sweet Honey is headed home from Rusty Nail farm- him and his buddy John went to Johnson City, TX today to aquire another freaking, a damn, another plane. We have 3 now. All I can say is- He better have got me some wine!!! or Cheese and whine is all I am serving for dinner!! Yeah, and ya'll just thought quilting was expensive! Sheesh!
Have a great evening, Ya'll!


  1. The bag looks fantastic! I'm going to go in search of pictures of your Reunion quilt - I'm doing one as well, and it's going to be a while because there's a lot of sewing for each block...I wish I would have picked a quicker pattern.

    1. I would be glad to send you a picture!You are doing the bargin basement pattern? I love it!