Sunday, September 23, 2012

Works in Progress

Today is my day. Woo Hoo!
The Sweet Honey (DH) ran off to the airport to enjoy the day- his way. I am staying home to enjoy it my way.
The other day when he took off for Johnson City and came home with a new plane, it was destined to be his "WIP" for the next few years. Most people dont realize that there is a whole class of airplanes known as "experimental." Those airplanes are usually just home-built and most follow guidelines or plans- just like quilter's patterns. They are only called "experimental" because someone actually built them in their hangar or garage and they were not produced by a general aviation manufacturer.

His airplane came home on his big trailer and shall live happily ever after in the hangar and garage until he completes it. Right now it is just a shell and wings.When he left this morning, I bid him farewell and decided that I would get some of my works in progress finished up and do some laundry while I was at it. In my "messy girl" post I showed pictures of my sewing space. It is just a spare bedroom without a bed; serves its purpose wonderfully though. 
This morning I realized that I could better utilize my table if I moved some things around a bit- I did that. All I really did was swap the sewing machine and mat on different ends of the table to create more "resting" space for the things I was sewing on.
So, I moved things around and started thinking about how darn messy everything really was- I had to do an intervention on myself. I got stuff switched over nicely and everything looks so much better. Except for my pressing corner- it looks horrible.  But, I'm working on it- it is a WIP. I added my "bits & pieces" to the design wall just to see what I had. Up at the top of the design wall is my Oakshott quilt project. I hope to make a huge quilt to fit our queen size bed out of my colourbox. I think i'll probably have to order more to finish it but we'll see.  
Here is a sampling of the next 4 blocks for the Oakshot project. All I lack I lack on these 4 blocks is sewing a couple of seams. I am really liking them so far and they are SO easy. The hardest part seems to be picking colors to go together. 
 To the left is a couple of hand work projects I have. Some Oakshott rugmugs and a cross-stitch weenie for my wall. Love Love my Weenies!
 Over there on the right is my evening-in-the-bed project. I crochet on it when I am in the bed or on the couch watching the TV. Its very rare- I hardly ever watch the TV.
What is amazing to me is that I have all these projects going on! I cannot believe that I have let things get so out of hand. And, this is just a small sampling of the things I have going. I bet I have 10 more that are stored and I didnt want to drag out! Eeek!
This little strippy number is what I call the "girlie quilt." I have been making these strip sets a couple at a time and I am thinking that I need to cut them up  and  set them rail-fence style. I hope to make a full size quilt out of them.
 The next project, the one on the right is the small baby quilt or throw for my Etsy shop. ( imakeuglybags: in case you wanted to know.) It is just 4 patches and X-blocks but it is so cute and it was cost efficient to produce. I was gifted the charm pack that the 4 patches were made from and the border, binding and backing were on clearance at my LQS. The other stuff I added from my stash.
Momma's Sunshine (my Orca Bay project) seems to be a forever work in progress. I hope to have it done by the time the next Bonnie mystery comes along but its just very time consuming. I started out loving to make the string blocks but that grew tiresome and then all those little wingy blocks got the better of me! I feel like it will never measure up! I need to just bite the bullet and finish the damn thing it. I am thinking about laying out what I have done and just working on what I have to make it a complete top. Maybe it would end up large throw size. I love the blues and yellows though and it does make me happy when I am working on them.
Down below is my "Stadium Horrible Stripes Quilt." All it is, is 9 fat quarters. All horrible stripes. It is actually layered and basted. I plan on trying my hand at free-motion quilting, using it. I started it to use when me and the SH (DH) go to football games or outings that require a sturdy blankie. That would be, really, any outing for me- I get chilled easily.

I have some holiday WIP too. But the only 1 I had handy was my stockings-in-the-makings pile and you really cant see all the work on anything.

 It just looks like a jumbled mess.
On the right is my Perkimon Daydreams Bonnie quilt. I used her ideas and thoughts to make this for my friend Tina. I am doing a zig-zag layout instead of the original layout but I am super happy with it. I just need to work on it. I need to work on lots of things.

I am sorry this was a wordy and picture heavy post. But, I felt like I needed to chronicle some of this stuff as incentive to get it completed!

Everyone have a great Sunday. I know I am. I am actually ahead of schedule and considering taking a sweet siesta! for just a few minutes! The afternoon sleepies have it me hard!!! although, it could be the wine-tasting as I was switching things over from secondary to third fermentators before bottling! Woohoo! always another WIP!
Bye, Ya'll!
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  1. lovely work looks like you are very busy!

  2. I loved looking through your pictures.
    I have so much that I want to get done, and especially now that I have my new machine.
    I severely need to get my craft room in order too.

  3. Love the fact that you have lots of things on the go. Makes me feel better because I seem to have a constant pile of projects. Every now and then I have a good finishing off session. My man built me a cabin in the garden in the summer as a sewing room. I am still trying to get it all organised. Lots of stash taming, trimming of scraps etc at the moment. Very satisfying though. Take care. Jan