Monday, September 17, 2012

Scrappy Selvage Box

This morning I worked vigorously on that little scrappy selvage box I started on Sunday. I finished it! Woo Hoo!
It turned out a lot cuter than I imagined but it was a lot more difficult to get it to crisp-up and than originally thought it would be.
I am being a procrastinator too. I have to finish the reunion quilt tomorrow, but binding seems to be the part about quilting that I hate to do. I must admit that when I started quilting it was because my bindings looked crappy that I hated it- but now it just seems so tedious a finish for something so relaxing! My bindings have definitely gotten better through the years.
On to the pictures!!!

bottom slab quilting

SidesSlab ready to cut


Shell completed

sides quilting; almost finished

Reading for lining
   Construction of the box.

     Next step was getting the lining ready and cut. The ugly  pink fabric was 30 cents!!! I bought it at : Walmart. I couldnt help myself; a whole 1/2 yard!

Yellow is my favorite color EVER. So, I almost have to have it somewhere on all of my projects. Its like my good luck color. or something.

Sweet Face!!! Muah!
                     Did I mention that I was missing this sweet face? I am. So much. 
Next up is a little mating of the lining and the shell. Sweet!!! That means I am almost done. D.O.N.E.

 DONE. I love a good finish. I had to really roll the seams to get them to crisp-up and I think I will still add another top stitch around the outside edge. I did one
at the 1/4 in seam but I think Ill try a really tight topstitch too.

 I would love to have one of these in each color of the rainbow. But. (always is a But) I think the next one I make will have the selvages going the other direction. And, I think I will continue to use up that uuuugly! pink fabric as the lining. I think it adds character. I already set my piles aside for yellow (Duh.) and for green. Surprisingly, I had more green than I expected and not as much Blue. Weird.

I am going to make a leap of faith in myself and make my list for tomorrow. Tomorrow is my only day off this week and it happens to be another very important day to get stuff done.
  • finish reunion quilt. (all you lack is the damn binding! you can do it!)
  • make 2 more selvage boxes: YELLOW & green.
  • Finish quilt for Etsy Shop.
  • Clean out the cat box.
  • Finish laundry. (you will have a ton more!)
  • Work on Momma's quilts!
Ok, Ya'll, I bid you goodnight!


  1. I love your box...It's super cute!! I have not collected selvages...yet.

    1. Thanks, Jo!!! (If you ever decide to collect them- I bet they would bring some $ on "yard sale" day! LOL.)