Friday, September 14, 2012

I am a messy messy girl.
I am creative in my messy messy room.
I have a view of the boat. I love to fish.
Tonight I decided that I would take ya'll on a tour of my sewing room. It's messy.
First up, what you get if you look to the left when you walk in...
Painted sack from Pandora's Box
The floor under the sack... my stack of almost completes! and phone books for strings!
This is where we turn to next.. it is my main sewing and cutting table. I move things around as I see fit and need.
What a mess.

This is my wonderful window view of the boat. Really-its ok with me. I cant see it when I am sitting/sewing.
This is the latest project getting binding!This is the next view... ironing station included!Eek. I wish I had more storage but I just cant decide what I want! 
Close up of some projects in the works. Somewhere in these is a floor!

I hope ya'll dont run screaming enjoyed the scenery! Tomorrow I hope to have completed a few more projects and have figured out more of this whole blogger thing!

Just some info: you can find me on Etsy at: imakeUglyBags
I would love to hear from ya'll!

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